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Comparison of endothelial cell loss by specular microscopy between phacoemulsification versus small incision cataract surgery

Article : Open access

Article type : Research Article

Volume : 6

Issue : 2

Year : 2020

Author : Chandra Bhan, Aparajita Chaudhary, Santosh Kumar, Jagriti Rana

Page no : 176-179

Abstract : Aim: To compare endothelial cell density, central corneal thickness changes and evaluate best corrected visual acuity after small incision and phacoemulsification cataract surgery. Materials and Methods: In this prospective study, patient were presented with significant cataract. Cataract were graded using lens opacities classification system grading. Forty three patients underwent phacoemulsification and forty-one underwent SICS. Patient with any other ocular pathology were excluded. Phacoemulsifiaction was performed, the chop-stop technique and SICS by the viscoexpression technique. The endothelial cell count and central corneal thickness were measured by non-contact specular microscope and best corrected visual acuity evaluated by snellen chart preoperatively and postoperatively on day 1st , 3rd and 6th week respectively. Result: The mean endothelial cell loss (cells/mm2) in phacoemulsification was 194.28 (7.16%), 311.46 (11.48%) and 412.16 (15.20%) and in SICS was 155.41 (6.17%), 230.19 (9.14%) and 296.54 (11.89%) and was statistically significant (P from 530.4412.34 micron increased by 62.62 micron (11.80%), 17.88 micron (3.37%)and 6.04 micron (1.13%) in phacoemulsification and 523.246.63 micron increase by 38.05 micron (7.26%), 21.24 micron (4.05%) and 2.63 micron (0.50%) in SICS at day is1; 3rd week and 6th week respectively. There was statistically significant (P phacoemulsification and 92.68% after SICS. There was statistically significant. Conclusion: No significant differences in endothelial less loss, central corneal thickness and best corrected visual acuity in between phacoemulsification and SICS. Keywords: Cataract surgery, Endothelial cell loss, Phacoemulsification, Specular microscopy, Small incision cataract surgery.