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A study of ocular morbidities associated with retinal vein occlusion

Article : Open access

Article type : Research Article

Volume : 6

Issue : 2

Year : 2020

Author : Madhuri Khandelwal, Renu Mohan Magdum, Megha Ramnik Kotecha, Saurabh Madhav Oza, Utsav Padiya

Page no : 189-191

Abstract : Purpose: To study the ocular morbidities associated with retinal vein occlusion. Materials and Methods: Ours was a cross-sectional observational study, carried out on 100 patients of Retinal Vein Occlusion in a tertiary care centre of Western Maharashtra. After written and informed consent, detailed history was taken, vision assessed, detailed slit lamp evaluation and dilated fundus examination was done. Fundus camera was used to obtain fundus photographs. Macular edema was confirmed using OCT. Diagnosed cases of RVOs were then looked for complications like Macular Edema, Vitreous Haemorrhage, Disc Neovascularisation, Iris/Neovascularisation. Result: Vitreous haemorrhage was the most common complication noted (18%), followed by macular edema (10%), iris neovascularisation (3%) and disc neovascularisation (3%). Macular edema was the most common complication in BRVO, vitreous haemorrhage in CRVO. The incidence of ocular complications was higher in patients with CRVO compared to patients with BRVO and HRVO. Conclusion: Various complications associated with RVO can lead to permanent blindness. Hence early detection of these can help reduce the burden of blindness in society. Keywords: Macular edema, Neovascularisation, Retinal vein occlusion, Vitreous haemorrhage.