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Awareness about paediatric cataract among the middle aged patients attending ophthalmology opd: a teaching hospital survey

Article : Open access

Article type : Research Article

Volume : 6

Issue : 2

Year : 2020

Author : Rathnamma J, Vidhya M J

Page no : 213-216

Abstract : Aim: To study the awareness about paediatric cataract in middle aged patients attending the teaching hospital OPD. Materials and Methods: 200 willing participants in the middle age (30-60 years), were selected from the ophthalmology OPD. Each participant was given the questionnaire enquiring their knowledge about the paediatric cataract. The questionnaire was in the regional language. The questionnaire was orally asked to the illiterate participants. The response to each question was recorded. Results: 64(32%) participants out of 200 knew that cataract can affect children. 25(12.5%) of them were aware of the fact that the paediatric cataract can cause permanent blindness. 30(15%) knew about the few factors during pregnancy which can cause cataract in new born. 30(15%) knew about the availability of the treatment for the paediatric cataract. Conclusion: Majority of the participants recruited showed very low level of awareness regarding the paediatric cataract. The knowledge regarding the consequences and availability of treatment was also very low. Higher literacy level in the participants was associated with increased awareness. Paediatric cataract which contributes to high blind person years and it being an avoidable cause of childhood blindness can be managed at the community level in a better way by increasing its awareness. Keywords: Awareness, Middle age, Paediatric cataract.