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Sebaceous gland carcinoma of right lower eyelid: a case report

Article : Open access

Article type : Case Report

Volume : 6

Issue : 2

Year : 2020

Author : Partha Pratim Roy, Tanveer Ahmed, Gautam Paul, Prasannajit Das

Page no : 305-307

Abstract : A 50 year old lady presented to eye opd with a painless, nodular lid mass in right lower eye lid for 6 months with an aggressive growth for last 3 months. Physical examination revealed a solid mass of size about 30 mm x 30 mm x 20 mm. A complete excision of the mass with a 3mm clear margin was done along with lid reconstruction using Tanzel Flap technique. Biopsy and immunohistochemistry study revealed sebaceous cell carcinoma of right lower eye lid. Keywords: Lid mass, Lid reconstruction, Sebaceous cell carcinoma, Tenzel flap technique.