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Comparison of divesified angles for evaluation of sagittal skeletal discrepancy in bihar population: a cephalometric study

Article : Open access

Article type : Research Article

Volume : 6

Issue : 1

Year : 2020

Author : Amit Kumar, Neal Bharat Kedia, Amesh Golwara, Monica Ritu Kedia, Shikha Shalini, Garima Verma

Page no : 12-17

Abstract : Background: Varying number of lateral cephalometric analyses has emerged to analyse the skeletal relationships of jaw in the sagittal plane which is the most necessitate process in any kind of orthodontic diagnosis. Aim: The present study was aimed to calculate the values of different angles (ANB angle, Wits appraisal, BETA angle, YEN angle, W angle and ASB angle) which further aid to assess the anterior-posterior jaw relationship on selected subjects of the local population of Bihar region. Materials and Methods: The research sample comprised of lateral cephalograms of 90 subjects aged between 18-25 years with equal gender distribution from the Department of Orthodontics, Buddha Institute of Dental Science & Hospital, Patna which were grouping further as Class I, II and III skeletal pattern (each consisted of 30 subjects). Results: Mean values for each angle was derived for Bihar population of all three classes and different angles were compared with other previous studies. Conclusion: Apart from certain regular parameters which showed statistically significant differences between subjects of the Bihar population, a new angle i.e. ASB is also taken into consideration which certainly can help in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning. Further studies are needed on large scale to establish data for the particular population. Keywords: ANB angle, ASB angle, Beta angle, Wangle, Wits appraisal, Yen angle.