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Anchorage loss in corticotomy assisted tooth movement

Article : Open access

Article type : Research Article

Volume : 6

Issue : 1

Year : 2020

Author : P.P Biswas, Makal Madhav M.P, Navedha, Subairuddeen P, Priyanka Jayaram

Page no : 36-40

Abstract : In orthodontic treatment, anchorage loss is a potential side effect of fixed mechanotherapy and one of the major causes of unsuccessful results, on the other hand considerable worry to the orthodontist. A major concern to the orthodontic patients is treatment time. Reducing the treatment time requires increasing the rate of orthodontic tooth movement. Orthodontic force induces a cellular response in the periodontal ligament, which brings about bone resorption on the pressure side and bone deposition on the tension side. Tooth movement can be accelerated by either employing certain adjunctive orthodontic procedures or by using advanced mechanotherapy. Aim: of this study is to compare and evaluate the anchor loss in corticotomy assisted cases and control cases without corticotomy. Materials and Methods: The study was conducted among 20 patients who were divided into two groups with 10 cases in each group. Group A patients were treated with corticotomy, allograft procedure along with fixed mechanotherapy while group B patients treated with convectional fixed mechanotherapy and was taken as controls and both groups underwent first bicuspid extractions and were treated with 0.022 MBT appliance. Result: Corticotomy assisted retraction cases had increased anchorage loss but was statistically insignificant compared to conventional method. Conclusion: Based on the outcome of this study, it is reasonable to conclude that corticotomy?assisted retraction cases had increased anchorage loss, compared to conventional retraction cases but was stastically insignificant, this may be due to a small sample size. Further studies are recommended on corticotomy?assisted retraction anchorage loss. Keywords: Anchorage loss, Corticotomy, First molar.