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Midline pyogenic granuloma of the tongue: a rare case report

Article : Open access

Article type : Case Report

Volume : 6

Issue : 1

Year : 2020

Author : P L Ravishankar, Vandana Vijayan, Sunanda Rao, A V Saravanan

Page no : 55-57

Abstract : Pyogenic granuloma or granuloma pyogenicum of oral cavity is a benign non-neoplastic mucocutaneous lesion evolving in response to local irritation, its a fairly common lesion comprising approximately 1.8% of a large series of oral biopsies. A clinically and histologically similar lesion restricted to gingiva occurs in 0.5% to 2.7% of pregnant females and is called granuloma gravidarum or “pregnancy tumor”.1,2 The unusual location of a pyogenic granuloma on midline of dorsum of the tongue in a pregnant patient prompted this case report. Keywords: Midline, Pyogenic granuloma, Tongue.