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Liver clot- a rare post-operative complication following tooth extraction

Article : Open access

Article type : Case Report

Volume : 6

Issue : 1

Year : 2020

Author : Prasanna Kumar D, Meghashri Kabbinahalli, H K Ajeya Ranganathan, Madhuri G Palekar

Page no : 58-62

Abstract : Post-operative bleeding is a common post extraction complication usually associated with both intra-alveolar and trans-alveolar extractions. The bleeding is mostly due to venous bleed are usually managed by pressure pack or sutures. Occasionally the clot will increase in size and may extend upto the size of few centimetres which are known as “Liver-clot” due to its similarity with liver tissues in appearance. This event may occur peri-operatively or post-operatively or may occur as delayed response upto 72 hours post-operatively. The dimensions of the clots are dictated by the amount of exposure of blood stream to tissue factors that are present perivascularly. We are reporting a series of cases that developed liver-clot post operatively and have discussed the possible mechanism of clot growth and its spatiotemporal dynamics of the clot in response to tissue factors Keywords: Liver clot, Tissue factors, Venous haemorrhage, Spatiotemporal dynamics.