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Study on outcome of cemented total hip replacement by posterolateral approach to hip

Article : Open access

Article type : Review Article

Volume : 6

Issue : 2

Year : 2020

Author : Rahul Modi, Jayant Thipse

Page no : 58-68

Abstract : In advanced osteoarthritis of the hip there will be painful gross limitation of movements incapacitating individual from his routine activities. The cemented total hip replacement is a boon to these patients by painless mobility of the joint. Cemented femoral component provides an immediate postoperative advantage (i.e. of intimate contact between the prosthesis cement and the bone, which permits dramatic early relief of pain and more weight – bearing). 40 patients with 49 diseased hips of various etiologies were treated with cemented total hip replacement by the posterolateral approach. The patients were assessed pre-operatively and post-operatively till minimum 6 months follow up using the Harris Hip Score. Minimum follow up period was 6 months which saw a count of 40 patients with 49 hips. There were 26 male and 14 females with the mean age being 53.43 years. Right sided injury was more common seen in 26 patients (65%) with AVN being the most common etiology. Superficial infection was the most common post-op complication seen in 2 patients while there were 1 patient each having complications of dislocation, DVT and foot drop. The mean Pre-operative Harris Hip Score was 52.29 and the mean Post-operative Harris Hip Score was 79.20 with 80% patients showing good outcome. Cemented THR by the posterolateral approach is a viable an excellent option in elderly patients suffering from hip disorders requiring replacement. However, further prospective randomized trials are warranted. Keywords: Total hip replacement, Cemented, Posterolateral approach to hip.