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Long jump – an unusual cause of knee dislocation and multiple ligament injuries

Article : Open access

Article type : Case Report

Volume : 6

Issue : 2

Year : 2020

Author : Mukesh Kumar, Jai Thilak, Adnan Zahoor

Page no : 144-146

Abstract : Multiple ligament injuries of the knee joint involve at least 2 of the 4 major ligaments, with an occurrence of 0.001% to 0.013%. The mechanism of injury for the two most common knee dislocation patterns, anterior and posterior, are reasonably well described. Rotatory dislocations are less common. Various mechanism described by Keneddy et al. are hyperextension, dashboard injury, varus or valgus/rotation, flexion/adduction and rotation around the posterolateral corner. We report a case of multiple ligament injury following anteromedial dislocation of knee after long jump. In our knowledge, we did not find any literature or case report supporting long jump as mechanism of injury. Patient was taken for single stage arthroscopic ACL and PCL reconstruction and open LCL reconstruction using autologous multiple ipsilateral hamstring grafts. Standard rehabilitation protocol was followed in post operative period. At present, she is walking without assistance and able to perform her daily and routine activities, clinically she is having mild anteroposterior ligaments laxity probably due PCL failure, with full knee range of motion but not involved in sports activities. Keywords: Knee dislocation, Multiple ligaments injury, Long jump.