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Histomorphological pattern analysis of lung autopsies in a tertiary care hospital

Article : Open access

Article type : Research Article

Volume : 7

Issue : 2

Year : 2020

Author : Sumaya, Aruna S, K S Gurudut, Shreekant K Kittur

Page no : 279-284

Abstract : Introduction: Lungs are vital organs involved in various diseases like infectious, inflammatory, nonneoplastic, neoplastic lesions and involved secondarily in almost all forms of terminal diseases. As pathological examination of lungs gives valuable information, autopsy is performed to know the distribution and progression of diseases and to detect undiagnosed lung diseases. Aim: To study the histomorphological spectrum of lung lesion at autopsy irrespective of cause of death and to assess the frequency of different types of lesions. Materials and Methods: Autopsy specimens of lungs of individuals above 18years of age, irrespective of cause of death were collected from the Department of Forensic Medicine, Belagavi Institute of Medical Sciences, Belagavi for a duration of 18months. Results: 89 out of 115 cases were males, while 26 were females. In the present study, non neoplastic lesions were more common and rare lesions like amniotic fluid embolism, honey comb lung and a case of bilateral metastatic lung carcinoma was reported. Conclusions: Post-mortem examination of diseased lung offers the chances to establish a diagnosis and help us to confirm an uncertain antemortem diagnosis. Keywords: Autopsy, Lungs, Pathological examination, Pulmonary edema.