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Histopathological study of thyroidectomy specimens

Article : Open access

Article type : Research Article

Volume : 7

Issue : 2

Year : 2020

Author : Vidya Vasudev, Sushma M, Bharathi M

Page no : 291-294

Abstract : Introduction: Diseases of thyroid gland are common and have wide spectrum of entities ranging from functional, immune mediated to neoplastic lesions. The aim of this study is to describe the different pattern of lesions in thyroidectomy specimens. Objectives: To study occurrence of various lesions of thyroidectomy specimens. Materials and Methods: This study was done in Dept. of pathology, Mysore Medical College over a period of 2 years from Feb 2017 to Feb 2019. The thyroid diseases were classified on histological grounds into congenital, non- neoplastic and neoplastic lesions that were further sub classified as benign and malignant as per WHO histological classification of thyroid tumors. Results: A total of 104 thyroidectomy specimens were received during this study period. 91 cases (87.5%) were females and 13 cases (12.5%) were males with F: M ratio of 7:1. Non neoplastic lesions accounted for 72% and includes colloid goiter, multinodular goiter, nodular hyperplasia, hashimoto’s thyroiditis, thyroglossal cyst and lymphocytic thyroiditis. Neoplastic lesions accounted for 30% and consists of follicular adenoma as benign neoplasm, 17 malignant cases, 13 cases were of papillary thyroid carcinoma classic type, two cases of follicular carcinoma, one case of well differentiated follicular carcinoma of undetermined malignant potential and one case of non invasive follicular tumor with papillary like nuclear features. Conclusion: Thyroid lesions predominantly affects females. Most commonly seen during 3rddecade of life. Colloid goiter is the commonest non-neoplastic followed by multinodular goiter. Follicular adenoma was the most common benign neoplasm, papillary carcinoma of thyroid was the common thyroid malignancy seen. Keywords: Histopathology, Thyroidectomy specimen.