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Leiomyoadenomatoid tumour of testicular tunica – a rare entity

Article : Open access

Article type : Case Report

Volume : 7

Issue : 2

Year : 2020

Author : Chitrawati B Gargade, Archana H Deshpande

Page no : 343-346

Abstract : Adenomatoid tumors are distinctive genital tract neoplasms that occur in both men and women. These are commonly located in epididymis, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovary, testicular tunica and spermatic cord. Rarely they are seen in extragenital locations like adrenal, bladder, pancreas, heart, pleura, mesentry, omentum and lymph nodes. Adenomatoid tumors arising from the testis are rare as compared to those arising from epididymis. Leiomyo-adenomatoid (LMAT) tumor is a variant of adenomatoid tumor with predominance of smooth muscle component. Twelve cases of Leiomyo-adenomatoid (LMAT) tumor of uterus and only three cases of LMAT of epididymis have been reported. We report an extremely rare case of LMAT arising from tunica of testis in a 58 year old male. Keywords: Adenomatoid tumor, Leiomyoadenomatoid (LMAT) tumor, Tunica of testis.