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Pharmd: the need for indians

Article : Open access

Article type : Short Communication

Volume : 7

Issue : 1

Year : 2020

Author : Swapnil Ashok Mundhe

Page no : 52-53

Abstract : With gradually increasing hospital faculty in India new challenges are betide in healthcare profession. escalation the concept of clinical pharmacist which turns to lead the PharmD program in India. The pharmacy profession is over the hill in India with unrecognized profession behind the counter of Pharmacy store and traditional workload of pharmacist. But the perspective of PharmD is totally different it aims that to make drastic changes in healthcare sector. Well designed syllabus with detail knowledge of pharmacology and therapeutical aspects as a Pharmacist which make a good clinical practitioner's as a clinical pharmacist. And now this is time to build up more healthier country by providing drug information more accurately by participating in real clinical practice. Keywords: Healthcare profession, Patient counseling, Clinical pharmacist.