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Locus of control of school teachers

Article : Open access

Article type : Research Article

Volume : 7

Issue : 1

Year : 2020

Author : Bhumika Achhnani, Amarin Amareliya

Page no : 40-45

Abstract : There are people in this world who feel that they are in charge of everything happening in their life and we also have people who believe that nothing in their life is under their control. And then we also have so many people in between, also some people who believe that either luck or the other people around them are in charge of their lives. This is the concept of locus of control. The education industry as a whole is going through so many changes, with smart classrooms to even smarter kids in schools. Under this background the level of control felt by teachers’ w.r.t. their work and lives in general plays a significant role in deciding what actions they are likely to take in order to change the world around them. The current study focuses on exploring the Locus of Control held by teachers in pre-primary and primary section of Guajarati and English medium schools of Rajkot city. The study focuses on analyzing the relationship between different aspects of Locus of Control and age of teachers, it also focuses on finding out if there are any differences in internal, external and chance Locus of Control of teachers’ w.r.t. marital status and educational qualifications. Keywords: Locus of control, School teachers, Internal locus of control, External locus of control, Luck.